The Pink Lady Cafe in Phuket Thailand is in down town Phuket City. Just across the Phuket Immigration Office on the way to Saphan Hin.

Pink Lady Cafe if probably the best entertainment venue on Phuket Island. Its quite popular with Thai, Japanese and Korean, there are not many “farang” of the western type since they just don’t know the place. Ba Le restaurant with 2 dozens of Karaoke rooms and a great beer garden is within the same compound and luckily a huge car park, means no problems.

You wont find a better nightclub in Phuket. Every day between 30 and 60 girls, it depends on the tourist season are in the club to take care about you, if you like ! If you don’t like, no problem. The easiest way to get the girl you like to your table is spend some flower garlands when they sing on the stage. They have 3 or 4 times a medley on with all girls singing and dancing on the stage, its quite impressive. The music is a mix of modern Thai pop and sometimes some “western songs”.

Pink Lady is open seven nights a week till late, means around 2 am. The nightclub is only closed on some national holidays, no matter when you come in the Pink Lady Cafe you’ll be assured of a great night! and maybe you find a nice companion, who knows ?

A state-of-the-art sound and light system lifts the atmosphere into new heights. Pink Lady Cafe is a very popular place in Phuket for great birthday parties, the whole club is tuned for occasions like this. Since the nightclub is quite a big place, about 30m x 30m -roughly- there is enough space around for everyone.

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