Planning a long vacation in a foreign country is not easy without reliable help. You will be full of questions on accommodation choices, facilities and services, locations and a rough estimate of rent. Read on to find more about Bangkok hotels.

Bangkok is the capital and commercial hub of Thailand, visited by millions of business and leisure travelers every year. To cater to the accommodation needs of city visitors, Bangkok has an excellent array of hotels from ultra-luxury to budget. However, if you are planning to make Bangkok your base for a sufficiently long period, you may prefer a bit more space and homely atmosphere. If this is the case, luxury serviced apartments may be the right choice for you. In recent times, luxury serviced apartments are the most preferred accommodation choice for Bangkok visitors.

It is but natural to question what makes Bangkok’s serviced apartments so popular. Serviced apartment is a combination of apartment and hotel, earning it a second name Aparthotel. Taking the best features of both, serviced apartments offer visitors home away from home, without burdening them with chores like cleaning and cooking. Typical serviced apartment includes spacious living room, separate bedrooms, dining room, full-fledged kitchen with microwave, stoves, dishware and flatware and terrace/balconies. They come inclusive of furniture, security and housekeeping services.

Read Fine Print

Despite its advantages, renting a Bangkok serviced apartment for a week, month or year involves signing a contract. The dreaded fine print has to be read and understood fully to avoid disappointment later on. It is the fine print that tells you which services will be included and its frequency. For example, you cannot expect daily housekeeping services in all serviced apartments; some come with twice-a-week or weekly services. A two-month deposit is a standard feature while signing contracts. You should be aware that this amount will be forfeited in case you move out before expiry of contract.

Choose a location to suit your activities

Bangkok is not a planned city and this has resulted in some areas being congested, some purely commercial, while some are ideal for residential purposes. A better understanding of the city’s geography will help in locating the perfect serviced apartment for your Bangkok stay. Bangkok presents exclusive and expensive serviced apartments to inexpensive ones for mid-range travelers. The best of them are found here:

  • Sukhumvit, the arterial road of Bangkok
  • Asok, an exclusive and expensive locality
  • Thong Lo, a chic and trendy neighborhood
  • Sathorn, a business district
  • Ploenchit, a business district
  • Chit Lom, a business district
  • Silom, a business district and red-light district

All areas listed above are well-connected and has easy access to trains, skytrains, expressways, shopping, dining and entertainment. While Asok and Chit Lom are the classiest of the lot, others offer a chance to experience Bangkok at its vibrant best.

Facilities and services to expect

Though these vary vastly between diverse types and classes of serviced apartments, there are some facilities and services that should come free of charge. While services such as room cleaning, water/utilities, internet usage, 24-hour security, room service and laundry service/launderette are essential, facilities to look for include restaurant, gym, swimming pool and convenience store. If the contract is for a year, electricity charges may not be included. However, the charge per unit should be negotiated to eliminate overcharging.

Cost Factor

Rent of serviced apartments depends on various factors such as location, size, facilities and services offered and demand. Location doesn’t necessarily mean placed in the heart of the city. Easy access to skytrain or subway station is considered a major advantage in Bangkok. This will convert o high monthly rents for serviced apartments in these localities. Posh neighborhoods also command higher rents and so do in-demand locations like Silom. Luxury serviced apartments with an array of amenities like swimming pool, gym, restaurant with room service, round-the-clock security and onsite mini mart will have a monthly rent of above 30,000 THB.

Choosing a serviced apartment

The leading groups in serviced apartment sector are The President Group, The Ascott Group, and Centre Point. They are well-known for their first-class accommodations and superior service. In addition, there are numerous independent serviced apartments in Bangkok that are equally good. The bottom line while choosing a serviced apartment is to verify credentials and check feedback of their past guests online.


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