Renting In Chiang Mai
The cost of rental property in Chiang Mai is very affordable compared to the rest of the country. Many houses and apartments available to rent will come complete with furniture, and all amenities, ready to move in immediately. Most property owners or rental agencies will require a security deposit equal to 2 months rent, as well as a copy of your passport or ID card. Short term rentals are sometimes available, however most houses will have a minimum 1 year contract. Many guesthouses and hotels will also offer monthly rates for those who would like to have an extended stay.

There are plenty of rental houses located in and around the city of Chiang Mai, for as low as 200USD per month for a small basic 1 or 2 bedroom house. A newer 2 – 4 bedroom house may cost as much as 500USD per month. Houses located a little farther from the downtown area will be a little cheaper, in areas like Hang Dong, Doi Saket and Maejo. One thing to consider when renting a house in Chiang Mai is that the air quality is much better once you drive 10-15 minutes out of the downtown area. 

There are plenty of Condos and Apartments in the downtown area of Chiang Mai, that may be more suitable for people that do not have a car or a motorbike. A nice 1 bedroom apartment in a newer building will usually cost about 300USD per month fully furnished. There are more luxurious 2-3 bedroom apartments that may cost 500-1000USD per month. Many buildings will have a swimming pool and exercise facilities as well as many other amenities. 

Gated Communities
Many people in Thailand prefer to live in gated communities, for an extra sense of security as well as a more private and quiet lifestyle. Houses in a gated community will normally cost a little more, but for a minimal amount of money you are ensured your peace and quiet. Most gated communities will also have a clubhouse with a swimming pool and exercise facilities. The streets in a gated community are normally safe for children to play, with no traffic to worry about. One of Thailand’s most popular gated communities is “Land & House”, and this company has several gated communities in Chiang Mai. Houses in these gated communities will cost anywhere from 300-500USD per month, and perhaps 1000USD monthly or more for what most people would consider a mansion.

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